Mar 27, 2011


Shirley's Angels - I L.O.V.E.YOU (Japanese)

After Japan earthquake and tsunami passed, the recovery and mourning have just begun.

The disaster could become the most expensive earthquake in history. The crisis could get even worse, depending on what happens next at the Fukushima nuclear power plant.

Now, more than ever, the Japanese people need your help and support.

‎"Ganbare Japan" (Zürich)
Location: Rote Fabrik
Sunday, April 10 by Tim & Puma Mimi

HearJapan | News
HearJapan, mp3 store has donated $750 to Japan Platform to aid in the Japanese earthquake relief effort.

the morning benders
the morning benders made a very special EP to help support Japan. It is all unreleased material.

Concert en benefici de les victimes del terratrèmol i el tsunami de Japó.
Mari Fukuhara, Pianist + Mari Ito, Illustrator have "help japan charity event" in Barcelona.

iTunes - Songs for Japan
As Japan recovers from the devastating earthquake and tsunami that struck on March 11, the world’s top recording artists respond to the tragedy with this benefit album. Superstars such as Lady GaGa, Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, Adele, and many others bring together their biggest hits on this benefit album. All proceeds go to the Japanese Red Cross.

In hope that this message reaches the hearts of all who are suffering from the earthquake.

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  1. I really like this idea. I love music and I want to help with relief efforts any way possible, so this is perfect. And the tracklisting has something for everyone. There's also a pre-order on Amazon here: