Nov 11, 2009

wooderd chiarie - Orpheus

wooderd chiarie

japanese alternative pop & shoegaze band, wooderd chiarie will release new EP; Orpheus e.p. on 2009.12.16. now you can check it at their myspace HomePage. a lead track; Orpheus sounds more straight and POP than wooderd chiarie' previous songs.

wooderd chiarie - MOONLIGHT (symbolic elefant 2008)

#wooderd chiarie profile
Wooderd Chiarie formed in 2001, playing primarily at Shimokitazawa ERA. Their original demo, "throb in theory" which went on sale in August 2003 (now out of production) has been compared to the sounds of bands like Mogwai, Sigur Ros, and Radiohead, and to emo, acoustics, post-rock, and shoegazer. In October of the same year they opened a 3 month long exhibition called "Perspective" as a cooperative effort with "Avengers in Sci-Fi." Later in April 2005, they participated in Australia's Art Of Fighting tour in Japan and Shimokitazawa ERA 's compilation album. In June they released their 1st mini album "Arumoni Kafuka" under Shimokitazawa ERA's label, Blue Green. Their CD release tour ended in a huge success with invited, eminent guests such as sleepy.ab, onsa, Avengers in Sci-Fi, the chef cooks me, takeuchi denki, and lostage. They also joined the ranks as a guest in all performances of FULLARMOR's simultaneously released CD release tour! In 2008 they joined The Telephones, Avengers in Sci-Fi, mudy on the sakuban, 24-twofour-, and he as a guest on their reko hatsu tours at various venues. They have also been expanding the breadth of their activities by doing things like going on tour as a guest band with The Telephones in the all night party, "Free Throw." They attracted attention with an overwhelming performance along with GRAPEVINE, merengue, and ART-SCHOOL for an audience mostly made up of people who had never seen them at Shibuya O-EAST's large stage. Most recently, they have appeared with bands such as Qomolangma, Tomato, LITE, sereal TV drama, nhhmbase, OVUM, aie, STAN, nenem, and rega. They have been working vigorously and have won fervent support.


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