Mar 3, 2010

Next Music from Tokyo


Next Music from Tokyo!!! involves 5 Japanese bands on a mini-tour across Canada. Our goal is to cultivate recognition of Japan’s tremendous independent music scene.

Next Music from Tokyo plans to Canadian Tour for 5 Japanese bands.
mothercoat, andymori, owarikara, goomi, Kulu Kulu Garden

Next Music from TOKYO!!! hopes to add new fans to Japanese indie music and give pre-existing ones an opportunity to watch 5 great bands without having to travel all the way to Japan.

May 22-29
mothercoat / andymori / owarikara / goomi / Kulu Kulu Garden
Canadian Tour

May 22 Vancouver @ the Biltmore Cabaret
May 25 Montreal @ il Motore
May 28 Toronto @ the Rivoli
May 29 Toronto (2nd gig, venue to be decided)




Kulu Kulu Garden

Interview: Kulu Kulu Garden

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