Aug 11, 2009

JPOP indies

thanks to everyone for checking Jpoplover blog and enjoying jpop awesome songs! Keep it up if you didn't get around to it. today jpoplover picks some feeling good songs up from indies music scene. ARIGATOH.

SpecialThanks - NO NAME SONG from 2nd mini album SEVEN SHOWERS

SpecialThanks (Rock / Punk) melodic pop punk band from Nagoya...

sleepy.ab - aquarium

sleepy.ab (Rock / Shoegaze / Electronica) dreamy band from Sapporo

neco nemuru - ENGAWA DE DANCEHALL , funny animation video from the album EVEN KICK SOY SAUCE

neco nemuru (Disco House / Punk)
neco nemuru

REAL' - Usotsuki

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