Aug 11, 2009

LITE New EP - Turns Red EP


October 2009,
LITE releases new EP "Turns Red EP" from their own label, I Want The Moon. Turns Red EP has 3 tracks recorded in US, directed by J.Robins known as the engineer of Washington D.C. Hardcore Emo bands such like Hey Mercedes, Faraquet, The Dismemberment Plan, The Promise Ring.

New EP "Turns Red EP"
2009.10.07 Release
M1. The Sun Sank
M2. Tomato
M3. Vermillion

LITE - Ghost Dance (mp3)

and more...

October 2009,
LITE will join tera melos Japan live tour, Parabolica Jam '09.

26th October / Osaka Shinsaibashi Quattro
27th October / Aichi Nagoya Quattro
28th October / Tokyo Shibuya Quattro


tera melos
Tera Melos are one of the more bizarre and 'out-there' math rock bands currently active. Simply calling them a math rock band doesn't really do them justice though; their music has bits of jazz, noise rock, ambient music, post-hardcore, electronica and other stuff. Not to mention that they are all absolute freaks at their instruments. They started as a quartet and released one album with that lineup. After that, their guitarist Jeff Worms left to pursue a career in college football and they've continued as a three piece since that time, releasing an EP and a split with By The End of Tonight. A new album is scheduled for this year.

Tera Melos - Hey Sandy

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