Sep 23, 2009

LITE unveil New Video, The Sun Sank

LITE - The Sun Sank new video


Forget so soon about jpoplover's LITE new EP release post, do ya? Well the time is here, LITE unveil new video "The Sun Sank" from new EP "Turns Red". it's so much spacy. Enjoy Light particles and Wave!!

lite turns red

LITE - New EP "Turns Red EP" on 7th October

LITE release a new three track EP called "Turns Red" on October 7th. Recorded with J Robbins (Jawbox, Faraquet) in Baltimore during their first US tour with Mike Watt & The Missingmen in May.

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LITE available @iTunes Music Store

Turns Red E.P includes 3 songs, The Sun Sank, Tomato and Vermillion. Anyway, LITE tried to play a synthesizer entire songs. It means, It became completely different type of songs that LITE has made. It would suprise you and blow you away!!

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  1. I was quite surprised first because of the synth new sound, but in the end we can still recognize LITE's style.
    I hope that LITE will come back again in France for a live.
    Last year gig was really nice ! I got the chance to speak a little in japanese with the band, they are very kind and cool.
    I can't want to have their EP !

    Thanks for posting the video and all those news.