Sep 8, 2009



an ultimate weapon from tokyo! nhhmbase is a perpetual motion machine that repeatedly destruct and construct the music with smiles. the name is pronounced ne-han base. Formed in 2004, They destruct with unbelievably tremendous energy their own songs that are constructed with unbelievably highly-developed skill. They are very outstanding in the underground scene in Tokyo now but their music is not too underground. It’s just completely new. Their music is very complex in structure. They like the irregular time. But they write very pop melodies at the same time. They have a strong will to innovate music. They have opened many foreign acts like Deerhoof, Tyondai Braxton (Battles), The Eternals, Her Space Holiday, +/-, Owen, Make Believe, Matt Pond PA, xbxrx, Black Black and more. All of the bands fell in love with them. Also, the Japanese famous acts like EGO-WRAPPIN', Base Ball Bear, the band apart, STRAIGHTENER, Keiichi Sokabe, Chocolat & Akito, Tokyo Jihen, 9mm Parabellum Bullet, Mass Of The Fermenting Dregs, sleepy ab., soutaiseiriron etc. respect them very much.

nhhmbase - 9/8


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