Sep 14, 2009

Tekkotsu Bancho

Tekkotsu Bancho

today, jpoplover introduces japanese attraction.

near Mt. Fuji, leisure space - Fuji-Q Highland has present a new attraction; Tekkotsu Bancho since July 2009. First in Japan with a height of over 50 m, Tekkotsu Bancho is a Chair-O-Planes ride rotating around a 59-meter-high tower at 51 km/h.
Chairs suspended on wire cables anchored to rotating arms of the tower repeatedly rise and fall, rotating to reach the max height of 47 m. The chairs rotate in a circle with the max diameter of 28 m, giving you a whole new thrilling and screaming experience with your feet swinging in the air. it's really surprising attraction.

here is Tekkotsu Bancho TV commercial video via YouTube. funny CG:)

the BGM song used on commercial video will be released soon....

*jpop new releases

hitomi takahashi + beat crusaders

Ken Hirai - Candy

ikimonogakari - YELL

mihimaruGT - un rock

Every Little Thing - DREAM GOES ON

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