May 1, 2009

[JPOP] Sakanaction


New rising-up unique JPOP Band with Techno Electronica taste and Rock'n Roll. It's sounds Electrol Rock that inspires futurism.

In 2005, Sakanaction started performing at various venues around Sapporo area. Soon their music gained good words among indie music scene in Hokkaido.In August 2006, they made their appearance in RISING SUN ROCK FESTIVAL 2006 in EZO (held at the special site near Tarukawa Pier,Ishikari Bay New Port in Hokkaido).
Triggerd by this show, their music began to attract more and more audiences.
After their self-recorded song "Mikazuki Sunset" hit the local college chart, "Shiranami Topwater" began to get frequent radio air-play and CD stores received numerous inquiries from audiences. People's support has been growing bigger and bigger.

2008.12 Sakanaction released 1st MAXI SINGLE "Sen to Rei". it grabbed many many JPOP music fans. After getting to be blinking icon in japanese music scene, on 2009.1 Sakanaction kicked out their 3rd ALBUM "Shinshiro". Brand-new album of the mixture sounds with Techno Electronica and Rock'n Roll has done breaked through JPOP music chart. With such a big hit and fever, Sakanaction had Japan live tour 2009 and go around 12 cities (Tokyo, Osaka and more big cities in Japan). Show tickets of all venues had sold out!! Thanks! Anyway with some surprising performance, Sakanaction actually got to be one of UpRising New comer JPOP bands here in Japan.

Have U ever checked the newest music video from 3rd ALBUM "Shinshiro"; "Native Dancer" on YouTube!!
this cool quality video has alredy been viewed over 200 thousand times.

hope you tweet this "Native Dancer" video
and tell your friends. Arigatoh!!

Sakanaction - Native Dancer

- sakanaction -
This band name shows the member's wish to act quickly and lightly,
like fishes in the water, without fearing changes in the music scenes.
Sakanaction = Sakana (fish) + Action

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  1. Holy crap... thank you for this great find. Totally love this kind of music! ♥