May 14, 2009



JPOP Alt. ROCK BAND with no boundaries.

Yomoya; members are
Eita Okazaki / Bass, Voice.
Kouji Azuma / Drums, Voice
Nagakura RSK / Keyboards, Sampler, TamTam, Voice, Soundhose.
Tatsuki Yamamoto / Voice, Guitar, Noise Sampling, Lylics

Alternative Rock band “Youmoya” has been influenced so many music genres; Electronica, post rock, alternative, US indie, folk. its mixture style of Sounds made themselves“POP” and one of Japanese new type rock band at 21st centrury.

“yomoya” sounds like Seattle Alternative Band but it’s Up Rising indy new comer Japanese Band.

YOMOYA - I Know, Why Not?

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