May 20, 2009

[JROCK] LITE @raid world festival

MONO - Follow The Map (mp3)


Coming back to Tokyo, LITE played at "raid world festival" Ebisu Liquid Room on Saturday night, 15th May. "raid world festival"(mono, LITE, World's end girlfriend, Pelican) is alternatively harmonized liveshow produced by Japanese indy rock band; mono. LITE did so exciting performance and Rockin' Groove without´Żćatigue of the journey nor jet timelag.

mono already upload their performing photos to mono official myspace and their blog. and also LITE photos appears at mono blog.

LITE liquidroom

LITE liquidroom

yes, I really spent so mindblowing and pleasure time last Saturday night.

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MONO - Follow The Map

MONO - Hymn To The Immortal Wind
Hymn To The Immortal Wind

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