Jun 5, 2009

cutman-booche NEW VIDEO

Recently Japanese JPOP band "cutman-booche" released their new video "CYCLE". it has really catchy melody and guitar driving groove. this ong is now played on-air Heavy Lotation at several Japanese commercial FM station, SPACE SHOWER TV, FM NORTH WAVE (Hokkaido), FM AOMORI, FM IWATE, Date fm (Miyagi), FM PORT (Niigata), FM NAGANO, FM802 (Osaka), FM Sanin (Tottori, Shimane), FM KOHCHI, FM Tokushima, JOY FM (Miyazaki). the video story is that hand made doll "Lukkun" walking around, looking for cutman-booche.

Cutman-booche - CYCLE
directed by Teppei Maki, now works and lives in Los Angels US

# Enjoy this JPOP and, and more spread the word about JPOP artists and JPOP songs!!


cutman-booche consists of Kim Wooyong, Shusaku Hayashi and Jyunpei Komiyama and was formed in Osaka in 2002. They sound of surf music like Jack Johnson and G Love & Special Sauce but funky, bluesy and groovy at the same time. They named their music as "boosoul". They released the 1st mini album "cutman-booche" in 2004 and released the 2nd mini album "clisco line" in the following year. They had taken part in many events and music festivals for instance, FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL and then released the 3rd mini album "spinach del sol" in 2006. They are growing step by step with challenging spirit, but their bluesy and soulful style, which was firmly establihsed has not changed through to the end.

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