Jun 26, 2009

[JPOP]summer song - 3


Heat up today!! 2 more summer songs from JPOP BANDs. one is NATSU song from new comer band "flumpool", NATSU DIVE. flumpool members are already nude, Swim naked and Enjoy!!

flumpool - NATSU DIVE (New Song)

flumpool is a four member band from Osaka, Japan. In 2007 they released two indies singles;Mirai Kanai and LABO which are sold in a CD rental chain store in Japan. On September 1st they became the Campaign Song Artist for the Japanese cell-phone company: au KDDI "LISMO". Later that month thier song "Hana ni nare" became the music for LISMO's TV commercial. Their most hit song "Over the rain ~Hikari no Hashi~" is the song for a TV drama "Bloody Monday".

the other favorite summer song is "nagisa" by Spitz (1996)


Michael Jackson, May he rest in peace.

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