Jun 1, 2009

Rock stock & too smoking the pillows

the pillows
the pillows

2009 is the 20th anniversary year for Japanese Rock Band, the pillows. On 3/6 the day after tommorow, they do kicks the BEST Of BEST ALBUM called, "Rock stock & too smoking the pillows" in Japan; including their smashing Songs from their 20 years activity!!

Rock stock & too smoking the pillows
1. 1989
2. Salivan (noTube)
3. New Animal
4. Scarecrow
5. propose
6. Ride on shooting star
7. Mr. Droopy
8. Ladybird girl
9. Tokyo Bambi
10. Funny Bunny
12. Hybrid Rainbow
13. Strange Chameleon
14. Swanky Street

the pillows

FLCL ending - Ride on Shooting Star

The pillows is respected from a lot of JPOP musicians. "Mr. Children", "BUMP OF CHICKEN" and "JIRO of GLAY", etc. that participate in a tribute album of them released in commemoration of the 15th anniversary.

Mr.Children - Strange Chameleon (the pillows cover)

ELLEGARDEN - FUNNY BUNNY (the pillows cover)

BUMP OF CHICKEN - Hybrid Rainbow (the pillows cover)

buy Bump Of Chicken at iTunes
buy at iTunes

this week JPOP ranking @countdounTV (tokyo broadcasting TV)
2009.5.30 OA

No.1 Masaharu Fukuyama - Keshin
No.2 GLAY - I am XXX, LAST BLOOD Theme
No.3 Sakurako Keionbu - fuwa fuwa jikan
No.4 abingdon boys school - JAP
No.5 Sukima Switch - Niji no Recipe

# Enjoy this JPOP and, and more spread the word about JPOP artists and JPOP songs!!

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