Jul 24, 2009

Sakanaction @Nano-Mugen Fes

yokohama arena

I feel sooo excited to see Sakanaction stage at NANO-MUGEN FES. 2009 in Yokohama presented by ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION on 20th July. After FARRAH performed, Sakanaction appeared and powerfully played hot 6 songs repertory. Sakanaction sparkling electric dancable tracks made Yokohama Arena a temporary huge Disco Dance hall. its atmosphere seemed like a Rave Dance Party.

1. Ame(B)
2. Last Dance
3. Native Dancer
4. 1000 & 0
5. Adventure
6. Night Fishing is Good



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JPOP Band "Sakanaction" Releases 3 Albums at Apple iTunes Music Store Worldwide

On July 15, Sakanaction began selling three albums internationally that were only previously released domestically in Japan. Japanese rock band Sakanaction's songs are now available at Apple iTunes Music Stores worldwide.

"Sakanaction - Rising Sun Band from Far East country" is a new, up-and-coming unique Japanese pop band with electric house taste that rocks. It sounds like a mix of dance music and rock along with elements of house that inspires futurism. One can surely expect to hear much more of this band in the future. Sakanaction is composed of the words "Sakana" (the Japanese word for "Fish") and "Action". The band wants to act quickly and lightly, like a fish in the water, without fearing changes in the music scene.

Sakanaction's three albums available at Apple iTunes Music Stores:

* "Sakanaction - Shin-Shiro" (2009/3/4)
* "Sakanaction - night fishing" (2008/1/23)
* "Sakanaction - Go to the future" (2007/5/9)

Sakanaction's tune "1000 & 0" (Sen to Ray) grabbed the No.1 position on the Japanese Radio Airplay Chart.

The album "Shin-Shiro", including the song "1000 & 0", marked No. 8 in national CD sales ranking and reached No.1 at the Apple Music Store in Japan.

On social video sites, the "Native Dancer" music video (Dancing Nike Shoes) from the album "Shin-Shiro" has been played over 360,000 times and is already popular worldwide.


Shin-shiro (2009)
1. Ame(B)
2. Light Dance
3. 1000 & 0
4. Native Dancer
5. minnanouta
6. Bustle
7. Kiiroi Kuruma
8. enough
9. Namida delight
10. Adventure
11. human

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