Dec 4, 2009

Chakuuta day


Mobile music Goes on!! (i don't know why 3th December is the Chakuuta day,) yesterday, one of Biggest mobile music shop, Recochoku held music event "Chakuuta day LIVE" at Tokyo Shibuya AX venue. Such well known artists on Recochoku, Remioromen, JUJU, ROCK'A'TRENCH, Spontania, MAY'S and Sayuri Sugawara played at Shibuya AX where about 1400 Recochoku fans gathered and enjoyed the show.

Chakuuta day

JUJU - Present
ROCK'A'TRENCH - Every Sunday Afternoon
Spontania - hanabi
MAY'S - I wish
Sayuri Sugawara - kiminiokuru uta

Spontania feat.JUJU - kimino subeteni

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