Dec 2, 2009

Sakanaction new song pre-release

Sakanaction Aruku Around

Sakanaction's new song, Aruku Around has just today been pre-released as "Chukuuta" (4 types, 30 seconds long each) at recochoku and some other mobile music shops.

Sakanaction MAXI SINGLE - Aruku Around
CD release on 2010.1.13 VICL-36553
1. Aruku Around
2. Spoon to Ase
3. Native Dancer (rei harakami HEPPOKO re-arrange)
4. FISH ALIVE chapter 2" 1 sequence by 3 songs SAKANAQUARIUM 2009 @SAPPORO

Sakanaction's Japan live tour 2010 schedule will get to be announced on 15th, this month at their official HomePage.



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