May 26, 2009



Bonjour!! Tres Bien.

L'Arc-en-Ciel got to release their eleventh live DVD on May 20. Titled LIVE IN PARIS, the DVD will contain footage from the band's Paris tour TOUR 2008 L7 Trans ASIA via PARIS on May 9, 2008. As the band has announced its live show hiatus until its 20th anniversary live in 2011, this is the best opportunity for fans to revel in the overwhelming power of L’Arc-en-Ciel’s live performance!


[L'Arc~en~Ciel LIVE IN PARIS] OA
@NHK SOGO (national TV channel) 25:10-25:53 29th May

# Enjoy this JPOP and, and more spread the word about JPOP artists and JPOP songs!!

May 25, 2009

[JPOP] EGO-WRAPPIN' @Summer Festival

ego wrappin'

These days it's already so HOT!! Summer Festival season is approaching day by day. EGO-WRAPPIN’is also ready to play @several Summer Music Festivals in Japan!!


EGO-WRAPPIN’is Jazzy, soulful and melodramatic music group formed in 1996 in Osaka. Members are Yoshie Nakano (vocals, writes lyrics and music) and Masaki Mori (guitar, writes music). They established the project in their hometown of Osaka and later relocated to Tokyo.

EGO-WRAPPIN' is a unique and rare music-maker. Each work constructed with novel and fascinating musicianship, draws the attention of the Japanese music scene. The EGO-WRAPPIN sound reflects free atmosphere and hot emotion, which Jazz and Rock music had prior to becoming just titles of genres, and draws from the spirit of our living world.

this summer, EGO-WRAPPIN' appears
@ SUMMER SONIC 09 (Chiba / Tokyo),
@ KOYABU SONIC 2009 (osaka)
@ SETSTOCK’09 (Hiroshima)

EGO-WRAPPIN' - Kuchibashi ni Cherry (live)


this week JPOP ranking @countdounTV (tokyo broadcasting TV)
2009.5.23 OA

Live in New York

No.1 Morning Musume - Syoganai Yumeoi Bito

No.2 W-winds ft GDragon - Rain Is Fallin

No.3 Yuzu Guren - Two You


No.5 Mylia Kato + Shota Shimizu - Love Forever

No.6 The Alfee - Sakura no Mi (anime)

No.7 JUJU with JAY'ED - Ashita ga Kurunara

No.8 Mika Nakajima - over load

No.9 Ryoichi Higuchi - Tegami

No.10 Kiyoharu - Kurutta Kajitsu

LITE - Raid World Festival @ Liquidroom Ebisu(16th May. '09)

May 22, 2009

japan expo 2009 @PARIS



This Year's JAPAN EXPO, the biggest japanese sub-culture event in Europe will be held 2nd - 5th July at Paris, France. JAPAN EXPO calls "AKB48", "School Food Punishment", "Yui Makino" and more.



school food punishment - futuristic imagination


Yui Makino - Spilaire

May 20, 2009

[JROCK] LITE @raid world festival

MONO - Follow The Map (mp3)


Coming back to Tokyo, LITE played at "raid world festival" Ebisu Liquid Room on Saturday night, 15th May. "raid world festival"(mono, LITE, World's end girlfriend, Pelican) is alternatively harmonized liveshow produced by Japanese indy rock band; mono. LITE did so exciting performance and Rockin' Groove without´Żćatigue of the journey nor jet timelag.

mono already upload their performing photos to mono official myspace and their blog. and also LITE photos appears at mono blog.

LITE liquidroom

LITE liquidroom

yes, I really spent so mindblowing and pleasure time last Saturday night.

[Buy iTunes]

MONO - Follow The Map

MONO - Hymn To The Immortal Wind
Hymn To The Immortal Wind

May 19, 2009 launches

JPOPLOVER launches for JPOP + JROCK Lovers oversea. 's purpose is mainly to introduce JPOP /
JROCK songs of highly potential that are available at
iTunes music store worldwide. Most of Tracks are under
the copyrights control of Hipland Music publishing company. hopes music has no boundary and Music fan
on the planet actually listen to and enjoy J-POP, J-ROCK

Repartry for Hipland Music publishing company are LITE,
Bump of Chicken, EGO WRAPPIN', Sakanaction, Gontiti for
example. also has music blog embedding YouTube.
If anyone have some interests in Japanese music scene and culture,
(Shibuya Shinjuku Otaku Anime Hentai JPOP) come to watch
JPOPs JROCKs!! supports social networking websites + web2.0 Twitter (Follow me!) myspace facebook

|| / contact information ||
post Email message to jpoplovernet[atmark]


and more, shows Release information.
"LITE - Live in New York"

LITE (JPOP, J-ROCK) Tokyo-based instrumental Rock Band;
LITE had US Live Tour with Mike Watt &The Missingmen
performing "Contemporary Disease" at the Mercury
Lounge in New York last Friday, May 8th.

LITE / Contemporary Disease [Live at The Mercury Lounge]

The band come back to Japan and just release another
digital only live EP called "Live in New York" on 15th
May 2009. The EP got to be available worldwide via iTunes.

Live in New York

LITE - Live in New York
# Track List
M1. Human Gift
M2. Tomorrow
M3. Past Three Days
M4. Infinit Mirror
M5. Contemporary Disease
Recorded at The Mercury Lounge, New York, US(2009.05.08)

Photo set of LITE at North Star Bar, Philadelphia

May 18, 2009



Sakanaction - Sento Ray

it's so exciting news!! This summer on 20th July, JPOP Upcomming band "Sakanaction" appears at ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION presents NANO-MUGEN FES.2009 music festival, Yokohama ARENA. they play on the same stage with Manic Street Preachers, Nada Surf and Hard-fi from oversea.

Manic Street Preachers


Asian Kung-Fu Generation - After Dark (Bleach)

May 15, 2009

[JPOP] Tokyo Below

Tokyo Below: A Documentary of Independent Rock Music in Japan

Hey! do you know this documentary video "Tokyo Below"? ; shot in 2001, 8 years ago and edited by James R. Petix. it seems old a little bit but describes tokyo independent music scene very well. very interesting.:) ...

Tokyo Below is a subterranean train ride through the city's underground music scene. Down here it seems as though the overwhelming pop culture of the streets of Tokyo has had little effect. Starting at its rock and roll influences and progressing into the sounds of punk, hardcore, and emo the Tokyo music scene more directly parallels its American counterpart than the native pop mainstream.

Featuring the political punk music of DStolemybear, the melodic sounds of Bluebeard, and the glam rock of the Blue Velvets, Tokyo Below captures the struggle of the independent band to be heard among the overwhelming popularity of Japanese pop music. The film also explores the next generation of indie bands making a name for themselves including 13th Month, I am Yours, and Cloud Egg.

May 14, 2009



JPOP Alt. ROCK BAND with no boundaries.

Yomoya; members are
Eita Okazaki / Bass, Voice.
Kouji Azuma / Drums, Voice
Nagakura RSK / Keyboards, Sampler, TamTam, Voice, Soundhose.
Tatsuki Yamamoto / Voice, Guitar, Noise Sampling, Lylics

Alternative Rock band “Youmoya” has been influenced so many music genres; Electronica, post rock, alternative, US indie, folk. its mixture style of Sounds made themselves“POP” and one of Japanese new type rock band at 21st centrury.

“yomoya” sounds like Seattle Alternative Band but it’s Up Rising indy new comer Japanese Band.

YOMOYA - I Know, Why Not?

May 13, 2009

[JPOP] Lamp


Lamp (formed in 2000) has Well-established melodic sense, and sense
of code and bossa nova, based on sophisticated sound of Pops.
featuring twin vocal; Nagai and Sakakibara sing dreamy song with
smoothing melody and harmony. this two sweet, entanglement set up
the atmosphere of a unique feeling of tension, as it is.

check the song from their latest album "Lamp Genso" (03/12/2008)

Lamp - Ame Furu Yoru no Muko

May 11, 2009

[JPOP] LITE "Live in New York" @iTunes

Live in New York

LITE performing “Contemporary Disease” at the Mercury
Lounge in New York last Friday, May 8th. The band are
continuing their string of US dates with Mike Watt &
The Missingmen and will release another digital only
live EP this coming Friday called “Live in New York”.

The EP will be available worldwide via iTunes.

LITE / Contemporary Disease [Live at The Mercury Lounge]

buy at iTunes

Official Bootleg Series Vol.2 "LIVE IN NEW YORK"
Live in New York

# Track List
M1. Human Gift
M2. Tomorrow
M3. Past Three Days
M4. Infinit Mirror
M5. Contemporary Disease
Recorded at The Mercury Lounge, New York, US(2009.05.08)

[JPOP] LITE - US live tour starts

It's hot time for Rockin' !!!

Tokyo-based instrumental Rock Band "LITE" starts US live tour with
legendary Mike Watt + Missingmen.

just uploaded the Live VIDEO at New york, The Mercury Lounge

LITE / Contemporary Disease [Live at The Mercury Lounge]

US live tour is still running. Check and GO!
5/09 - Philadelphia, NORTH STAR BAR
5/10 - Pittsburgh, CLUB CAFE
5/11 - Cleveland heights, GROG SHOP
5/12 - Detroit, SHELTER


I heard LITE would release live tracks from New york, The Mercury Lounge
soon @iTunes music store!!???

buy at iTunes

LITE Live in Leeds

May 7, 2009

Tweet JPOP Ranking


jpoplover starts tweet for JPOP Ranking @countdounTV (JAPAN TV Program)
on every monday and @recochoku (mobile digital shop) on every thursday.

Follow jpoplover! Check and enjoy JPOP!!

this week JPOP no.1 song @Recochoku,
JUJU with JAY'ED - Ashita Ga kurunara.

May 5, 2009

[JPOP] Rock star Kiyoshiro dies

Rock star Kiyoshiro Imawano dies

Japanese Rocker Kiyoshiro Imawano, leader of the groundbreaking band RC Succession and later a solo act, has died in Tokyo at 58. He succumbed to lymphatic cancer early Saturday morning.

The Timers - Daydream believer

RC Succession started as a Ventures cover band in 1966 but moved on to be one of the leading rock bands in Japan with their 1972 hit record "Shoki no RC Succession." From that time the act was a staple of the Japanese rock scene and they also received international attention. In 1982 RC Succession took part in the high-profile "The Day of R&B" festival at which Chuck Berry headlined.

Unusual for Japan, Imawano was active politically and recorded anti-nuclear tracks as well as spoke out against war and for Tibetan freedom.

In his later years Imawano performed under his own name and was a favorite at the industry-leading Fuji Rock Festival. He appeared at the festival, which started in 1997, in 1998, 1999, 2002, 2004 and 2005.

Imawano was diagnosed with cancer of the larynx in July 2006 and admitted to hospital. After treatment, he held a comeback concert at Tokyo's Budokan in February 2008. However, in July of the same year, it was confirmed that the cancer had spread to one of his pelvic bones, and Imawano was forced to put his career on hold to undergo radiation therapy.

Slow Ballad

May 1, 2009

[JPOP] Sakanaction


New rising-up unique JPOP Band with Techno Electronica taste and Rock'n Roll. It's sounds Electrol Rock that inspires futurism.

In 2005, Sakanaction started performing at various venues around Sapporo area. Soon their music gained good words among indie music scene in Hokkaido.In August 2006, they made their appearance in RISING SUN ROCK FESTIVAL 2006 in EZO (held at the special site near Tarukawa Pier,Ishikari Bay New Port in Hokkaido).
Triggerd by this show, their music began to attract more and more audiences.
After their self-recorded song "Mikazuki Sunset" hit the local college chart, "Shiranami Topwater" began to get frequent radio air-play and CD stores received numerous inquiries from audiences. People's support has been growing bigger and bigger.

2008.12 Sakanaction released 1st MAXI SINGLE "Sen to Rei". it grabbed many many JPOP music fans. After getting to be blinking icon in japanese music scene, on 2009.1 Sakanaction kicked out their 3rd ALBUM "Shinshiro". Brand-new album of the mixture sounds with Techno Electronica and Rock'n Roll has done breaked through JPOP music chart. With such a big hit and fever, Sakanaction had Japan live tour 2009 and go around 12 cities (Tokyo, Osaka and more big cities in Japan). Show tickets of all venues had sold out!! Thanks! Anyway with some surprising performance, Sakanaction actually got to be one of UpRising New comer JPOP bands here in Japan.

Have U ever checked the newest music video from 3rd ALBUM "Shinshiro"; "Native Dancer" on YouTube!!
this cool quality video has alredy been viewed over 200 thousand times.

hope you tweet this "Native Dancer" video
and tell your friends. Arigatoh!!

Sakanaction - Native Dancer

- sakanaction -
This band name shows the member's wish to act quickly and lightly,
like fishes in the water, without fearing changes in the music scenes.
Sakanaction = Sakana (fish) + Action