Jan 13, 2010

The Rouxtz

The Rouxtz

The Rouxtz

Japanese alternative indy rock band of 3 pieces, and they would be predictional rising up Rock band 2010.

The Rouxtz - I wanna be with you


Toshiki Inoue (guitar, vocal)
musically influenced; ZAZEN BOYS, NUMBER GIRL, MO'SOME TONEBENDER, eastern youth, Rintoshite shigure, LED ZEPPELIN, Radiohead, Television, Pixies

Shu Kato (bass)
musically influenced; HiGE, ROVO, Muse, The BEATLES, THE BACK HORN, syrup16g, We Are Scientists, SUPER BUTTER DOG, BOOM BOOM SATELLITES

Kazuma Takei (drum)
musically influenced; The Libertines, Muse, The Music, Radiohead, Teenage Fanclub, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Who, The Zutons

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