Feb 2, 2010


Marsh Mallow

Zac Bentz at ZB's A-Z of J-Music picks up and review japanese female chorus group; Marsh-mallow at Hear Japan Explore the Unexplored 21. they sound dreamy and good.

Marsh-mallow is a group of women who all sing in a revolving chorus while playing a wide range of instruments, from various hand drums to accordion to piano and a lot of toys. While a bit experimental (living up to the album’s title), they actually manage to craft very elegant, almost dream-like songs that are both playful and infectious. At times they really play up the child-like, chirping side while at others they sing almost trancelike chants over subdued marimbas and vibraphones. No matter what they do, it’s otherworldly.

Marsh-mallow - Kaze no Ko

Marsh-mallow formed in the autumn of 1999. The five female members are Megumi Maruo, Michiko Takada, Youko Ino, and Youko Ueno. All of the members sing and use instruments. They consider themselves to be a chorus group where everyone contributes into the song writing process. Musically they are a blend of voices swerving into each other in beautiful and unexpected ways complemented by organic instruments like the marinba and odd instruments like toy pianos.

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