Oct 19, 2009

Club Salmon TV show

Club Salmon

yesterday, I have discovered to be an amazing lovely TV show at Spaceshower TV music channel, which digs out various bands from the japanese rock music scene. it's called Club Salmon of 15 mins weekly short program that deserves immediate listening attention. Hosted by 2 VJ; NAOTO INTI RAYMI and Nelson Babin-Coy, Club Salmon picks up and simply explains newtype young rock bands like the below as well as Spaceshower TV uploads all the shows to Youtube. They help us expand listening experience.

toshio sato - tomei

mikansei vs shinsekai - donten seikatsu

rega - VIP

sister jet - hello goodbye days

susquatch - 3chords

cinema staff - change up

andymori - FOLLOW ME

Psysalia psysalis psyche - Butch and The Sundance Kid

LAZYgunsBRISKY - but I know

arakajimekimeraretakoibitotachihe - yokunemuru

Club Salmon
Club Salmon @Spaceshower TV
Club Salmon Youtube

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