Oct 13, 2009

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jpoplover thanks so much for reviewing LITE's new work, "turns red ep".

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The PhiLL(er)

LITE – Turns Red EP (Nippon Rock)

LITE - artists - JaME U.K.

swing_maths: Lite

J-Rock Fridays Vol. 4 « J-Rock Explosion

J-Rock Fridays Vol. 4 PV online

LITE unveil NewVideo, The Sun Sank

SparkPlugged » LITE – “The Sun Sank”

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# News Release

New EP from LITE Out This October - LITE Releases Turns Red EP

LITE releases Turns Red EP

LITE Releases Turns Red EP

LITE - New EP; Turns Red EP on 7th October

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Turns Red EP 2009.10.07 Release
M1. The Sun Sank M2. Tomato M3. Vermillion

#Recorded with J Robbins (Jawbox, Faraquet) in Baltimore during their first US tour with Mike Watt & The Missingmen in May 2009.

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