Oct 6, 2009

folk squat, indie pop

folk squat

folk squat

folk squat is a home-recording unit formed by 2 Japanese, Katsuyuki Tahara and Taiji Hiramatsu in 2002. Started by using Hard Disk Recorder "KORG D1200" to record, mix all tracks & released 1st Album "missing weather" in 2003 and also 2nd album "I KNOW YOU KNOW" in 2004. Since D1200 passd away in 2005, changed recording equipment to Mac & Logic and released 3rd album "one plus everything" which was supported by special guests, Marc Bianchi (Her Space Holiday) and Mike Kinsella (OWEN, Joan of Arc) in 2006. And 4th album "It could be done if it could be imagined" has been released in March 2008.

folk squat - somesing (It could be done if it could be imagined)

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