Oct 4, 2009

miaou, post rock

miaou - scene of the sunrise (mp3)
from Painted e.p.


Miaou were formed in 1999 by Tatsuki Hamasaki and sisters Mayumi and Hiromi Hasegawa. Their debut album, Happiness (Noon records, 2003), was quickly followed by a tour with Australia's Art Of Fighting. That same year saw a tour with Canada's Below The Sea, with whom the band also collaborated with to record a split e.p., released on Preco Records, the label of Tokyo music store LINUS RECORDS. 2006 proved to be another busy and exciting year. Things started off with the inclusion of Grasslands on the Where Are My Records compilation c.d., Je T'aime, before the band headed into the studio to record probably their most distinctive, beautiful and accomplished material to date with the painted e.p. (Thomason Sounds). The e.p. was once again recorded by toe's Takaaki Mino, who has produced all of their material to date.

miaou - Hello World

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