Jul 13, 2010

SEBASTIAN X - Sekainohatemade Tsuretette (Take me to the end of the world)

SEBASTIAN X; Indie AlternativePOP, NewType indie POP and the live touring band, releases New Album (2nd mini album); Bokurano Fantasy on August 4. This Youtube is their new music video; Sekainohatemade Tsuretette (Take me to the end of the world), the leading track for 2nd mini album.



About 1st Mini Album "Wonderful World" that was out on November 2009, Its record sales has been running well even now. Only after nine months from the previous mini album, SEBASTIAN X actually releases New Album including 8 original songs and bonus 1 track only attached to CD.
now SEBASTIAN X gets to be one of the most uprising bands around the JPOP music scene. And they will be held their first one-man live show as New Album Release Party at Kichijoji Warp club on August 21.


Bokurano Fantasy


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