Jul 31, 2010

HearJapan celebrates the 2nd birthday of Gackpoid


HearJapan celebrates the 2nd birthday of Gackpoid, Vocaloid's sexiest singer

Yokohama, Japan - July 31st, 2010 –Today is Gackpoid's second birthday
and to celebrate HearJapan has six new releases from the smoking-hot

MineK - Dancing Love

MuskaP (Komso) - Red Guns and Black Roses


ROY - Distance to the Sky

ROY - Metallized World

Turnastudio - qawsedrftgyhujikolp

Kamui Gakupo was born two years ago today. He was based on the voice
and visually-pleasing shape of pop-rock idol Gackt, both of which met
with the singer's rigorous approval. Today HearJapan is pleased to
offer up these six new releases celebrating two years of Gackpoid!

nocturne from NATARIE IN THE DREAM is ten tracks of pure Gackpoid
bliss, full of languid, elegant passages as well as some more
aggressive, impulsive moments.

Red Guns and Black Roses by MuskaP (Komso) sees both Gackpoid and
fellow male Vocaloid singer Kagamine Ren coming together in a
passionate, throbbing hard-rock track that's sure to get your blood
hot. (Yaoi fans take note!)

MineK offers up another full-on album of eleven classy, high fashion
dance tracks.

For heavy metal fans, ROY brings two full-length metal albums. Both
Metallized World and Distance to the Sky show off Gackpoid's more
aggressive side, while also giving him a chance to serenade his

And finally Rin is back for more time with Gackpoid on turnastudio's
playfully titled qawsedrftgyhujikolp.

All in all, this collection of fresh new releases will transport you
into another dimension inhabited solely by the strength and passion of
the one and only Gackpoid. Happy birthday!


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