Sep 23, 2010

I LOVE YOU by Yutaka Ozaki

you can find many japanese musicians cover Yutaka Ozaki's famous love song
"I LOVE YOU" that was published in 1991. Listen and Enjoy!!

I LOVE YOU by Yutaka Ozaki

Ozaki Yutaka - I LOVE YOU
Translation by: Fantasiimaker

I love you
just for now, I don't want to hear sad songs
I love you
escaping and escaping, I finally got to this room

this isn't a love where I was forgiven for everything
the two of us are like abandoned cats
this room is like an empty box, covered in fallen leaves
so you, with a crying voice like a kitten's...

*on this creaking bed, instead of holding gentleness
if we can hold each other tightly
and then we'll close our eyes again
with a sad song, for this love not to fade

I love you
the two of us, who are too young
there's an untouchable secret in our love
I love you
I can't arrive at that, in my life right now

the love that piles up and lives on as one
we're only seeing a dream and being hurt
hearing "I love you" over and over,
you can't even go on living without this love

Ayaka - I LOVE YOU

Terma Aoyama - I LOVE YOU

Kazumasa Oda - I LOVE YOU

Kobukuro - I LOVE YOU

Hitomi Shimatani - I LOVE YOU

Mika Nakashima - I LOVE YOU

Shinichi Mori - I LOVE YOU

sorry, i can not find out Utada's version on YouTube...;


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