Sep 9, 2010

Shing02 - Niji no Hashi


Shing02, Japanese rap artist is giving away his new track mp3;
Niji no Hashi; song for short films collection "MIND THE GAP"
Screened at Nagasaki International Peaceful Cinema Forum 2010.

Niji no Hashi
Omnibus Film "MIND THE GAP"endroll track
Directors: Keiya Ando, Robert Wakamatsu, Naomichi Hosoya, Hayato Ando

written by Shing02
co-produced and mixed by Yamato Kaneko

Shing02: piano, fender rhodes
Yamato Kaneko: guitar, additional programming
Eric Garland: drum elements
Sawami Shinohara: background vocals
Akira Matsui: portuguese vocals
Jade Petruccelli: cover model

Luv (sic) pt. 2 by Nujabes featuring Shing02


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