Apr 27, 2010

Between Two Waves compilation


This month, a member of MAP - music alliance pact, Music blog Eardrums (Norway) released Between Two Waves - 3 indie delicious compilation of 38 songs on 3 volumes from his netlabel; EardrumsPOP. And have posted 3 albums for free download to music lovers.

The main idea behind the Between Two Waves compilation is co-operation & collaboration. Every single track, every illustration is a collaboration between two artists. 4 japanese groups participated in "Between Two Waves – Vol. B" and you can listen to 2 collaboration songs.(track #10 and #11)

You can download it from here. (free)

1. Oláfachada (Ola Innset(My Little Pony) + bFachada))- There Is Another Sky 3:16
2. Joel & Julia (Butcher The Bar + Julia Guther)- Pope Pius X 2:37
3. Horse Opera (Meeting of Important People + Woody(Triggers))- Horse Opera 2:50
4. Swim Lessons (Boca Chica + Lohio)- Afternoon Tea 3:48
5. Pix & Hollie (Tiny Ruins + Matthew Pickering)- Venn 5:00
6. Sharon Van Etten and Marie-Claire Balabanian (S.V.E.+ M-C.B.(Speck Mountain))- Keep Trying 2:56
7. Faller Falling (The Holy Roman Army + Kaplin)- I Remember Evening 3:39
8. Loud Off & Ant – Crying No Tears 3:48
9. The Ordinary Hit and Misses (Skatan + The Kernel)- Life In Cycles 5:08
10. Seasel (Wool Strings + Table Music Meeting)- Water, Bubble, Moon and Star 4:43
11. Vapour Trail & Meso Meso – marsbit 4:10
12. The Alfred Barthlows People (Le Days + Andreas Grundel)- Knives and Needles 5:09


Seasel (Wool Strings + Table Music Meeting) - Water, Bubble, Moon and Star

Wool Strings
Table Music Meeting

Vapour Trail & Meso Meso - marsbit

Vapour Trail
Meso Meso


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